Functional data analysis in the media

Olsen E, Pfau T, Ritz C. Functional limits of agreement applied as a novel method comparison tool for accuracy and precision of inertial measurement unit derived displacement of the distal limb in horses. Journal of Biomechanics, 2013; 46(13): 2320-2325. Link to journal.

This was a first for me. I had never tried to issue a press release on papers before but felt that the two sensor papers together were a significant contribution to the literature on assessment of ataxia and gait in horses with an emphasis on ataxia and the distal limb in the horse. So much to my surprise there was quite a wide interest in this topic and it was distributed in multiple media across the world in a few days. So in order to increase the public awareness and outreach of research a press release with a well written and simple summary of the paper(s) is imperative. Read the press release and see the media that took it without much alteration below. In addition a couple of printed magazines without online copies have published the story.

University of Copenhagen Press Release:

Press release in English

Press release in Danish

Press coverage

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